Turkish Furniture Stores in London

Turkish Furniture Stores in London


In the realm of interior design and decor, Turkish furniture has carved a niche for itself, reflecting a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

In recent years, the industry has experienced significant growth and expansive global reach, captivated by its unique aesthetics and fine craftsmanship. This burgeoning evolution is particularly evident in cosmopolitan cities like London, where Turkish furniture stores have sprouted, offering customers an immersive experience of this distinct style.

Value and Quality of Turkish Furniture

Among the key factors distinguishing Turkish furniture and ensuring its competitive edge in the global market is the exceptional value for money it offers. The meticulous attention to detail and superior quality materials used in crafting each piece result in durable, long-lasting furnishings. This longevity, coupled with timeless designs, means that every purchase is an investment, which pays dividends over the years.

The quality of Turkish furniture is unparalleled, setting a high benchmark that is challenging to match. Turkish artisans utilize centuries-old techniques, imbuing each piece with a unique character and charm. This level of craftsmanship provides an added layer of exclusivity to Turkish furniture, making it a value proposition that is hard to overlook.

In essence, choosing Turkish furniture from brands like Eurus Concept not only means bringing a piece of art into your home but also signifies smart financial decision-making. It allows you to enjoy premium quality that typically comes with a higher price tag, but at a more affordable cost, ensuring that exquisite style and luxury are not just reserved for the elite.

  • Lazzoni

    Lazzoni is much more than a design business, with origins reaching back over a century. Lazzoni’s essence can be found in the first three letters of its name: “Laz.” In the Black Sea coastal region of Turkey, near Georgia’s northeast border, the Laz Tribe is famed for erecting wood Serander dwellings. We greet our customers in New York with the same excitement that our predecessors did a century ago, as we are now run by 4th generation family members. We have a promise in our Lazzoni family. A vow to ourselves to always uphold our ethos and integrity in designing furniture and houses with care and attention to detail in every square foot. A commitment to our committed customers to question the existing quo. To create a design that is not limited by space in terms of utility. A commitment to never laugh when a passing customer falls asleep on a showroom bed. Above all, a vow to continue to propagate the Lazzoni living concept for future generations.

  • Enza Home

    Enza Home is a concept brand offered by Yataş to create new lifestyles. Enza Home shapes life with its products ranging from dining rooms to bedrooms furniture, mattresses, textiles and accessories, and brings different lifestyles to your home with its modern and innovative approach. Alternatives for various tastes and living solutions that offer comfort in its most natural state meet design within reach at Enza Home, making a difference. Enza Home products have the strength of Yataş Group's years of expertise that enables to meet all expectations of comfort and quality, durability and elegance, affordability and good design.

  • Kelebek

    Kelebek, Turkey's first panel furniture and kitchen producer, is one of the Republic of Turkey's most well-established industrial firms. In Golden Horn, Istanbul, on the formal request of Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the organization was founded in 1935. Kelebek Mobilya's production relies on cutting-edge integrated assembly line technologies based on German and Italian tech, as well as huge and diverse coating technologies. Kelebek effectively conducts all decorating and furnishing works for large-scale projects in Turkey and overseas, requiring specialty and qualification in the disciplines of project design works as part of housing, dormitory, hotel, and mixed-use projects, as well as household furnishings.

  • Dogtas

    At 1972, Doğtaş began his journey in an 80-square-meter workshop in Biga, a district of Çanakkale. With significant business partners and 1,500 employees, Doğtaş has grown to become one of the most renowned players in the furniture sector, with more than 200 concept stores in Turkey and internationally. Doğtaş design is in people's life with a comprehensive product range that includes bedroom, child and teen room furniture, and state-of-the-art mattresses. Doğtaş goods provide customers the freedom to have the combinations they want in their living spaces, from the material to the fabric, color to design. The company's designs are available in 300 fabric and 35 wood color combinations, reflecting years of knowledge and expertise with affordable price.

  • Bellona

    Bellona is an internationally renowned furniture manufacturing company in Kayseri, Turkey. Established in 1997, Bellona has grown to become a group company of Erciyes Anadolu Holding and employs a workforce of over 3500 people. With its state-of-the-art production facility, Bellona manufactures bedroom furniture, living room furniture and beds and chairs under the brand "Bellona". Bellona is one of Turkey's greatest furniture companies in terms of quality; their products are made of high-grade materials and are meant to last. They're also relatively affordable, making them an excellent choice.

  • Zebrano

    Founded in 2005, ZEBRANO has become one of the respected and important brands in the furniture industry by making quality its motto.

    It has a completely seamless approach to wood and decoration, integrated with full-fledged production facilities, offering design and supply solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

    ZEBRANO is a leading provider of design, consultancy and turnkey solutions for architectural projects. With its state-of-the-art production facilities and experience, ZEBRANO offers complete turnkey solutions for hotels, commercial buildings, public institutions and residential complexes.

    It has managed planning, production and turnkey projects in many local and foreign organisations. The experience and know-how has given the brand a unique advantage to meet the requirements and expectations of special customers.

    Today, Zebrano, which is growing steadily, has represented Turkey in the best way and has achieved great success with the large-scale projects it has completed in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East region.

  • Leta

    In 2004, our company, which completed the institutionalisation process and took the title of 'Özcanlar Sandalye Industry and Trade Limited Company', has been operating in the fields of wooden chair production and sales since 1983. As Özcanlar Chair, following the increase of our production area from 80 m2 in 1983 to 6000 m2 closed area with our factory established in İnegöl Organised Industrial Zone in 2007, we continue to serve in our production area reaching 25000 m2 closed and 45000 m2 in total with the commissioning of our facility, which is the first factory to be put into operation in Bursa İnegöl Furniture Specialised Organised Industrial Zone in June 2011.

    Leta Chair factory is an integrated facility that transforms the logs it receives from the Turkish Forestry Administration by entering the tender into chairs and offers them to its customers with its log cutting, firing, wood manufacturing, painting, sewing, upholstery, R&D units and machinery park suitable for modern technology. As Özcanlar Chair, we aim to provide service beyond today's quality standards to our valued customers, who are the pioneers and leading companies in the furniture sector of our country, under the registered brand "Leta Chair", and we are pleased to provide added value to our country through exports. The goal of our company is to serve our country by transforming its earnings into investment, with the principle of integrity and honesty, respecting human rights and nature.