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What Dining Chairs Should I Select?

A fresh set of dining chairs can instill an entirely new vibe in your dining space and serve as an effortless technique to rejuvenate your dwelling. There are predominantly two vital factors to bear in mind when hunting for new chairs: aesthetic design and comfort.

Design largely pertains to your personal style. At Eurus Concept, you have a broad palette to choose from in terms of colours and natural resources. We offer dining chairs in a variety of hues, such as white, pink, several shades of grey, light blue, petrol blue, cognac, dark green, olive green, blue, sand, cream, black, oak, and pine. A handy tip is to aim for cohesion with the other pieces of furniture in your home. If you possess a leather sofa, matching it with a chair featuring faux leather seats can be an intriguing detail. Similarly, a chair with steel legs would look great with your dining table sporting steel legs.

Alternatively, you can also choose to deviate from the norm where every furniture piece should match. It's trendy to mix and match totally divergent chairs and colours for a more vibrant and dynamic aesthetic. This approach also offers the advantage of fulfilling different seating requirements for each family member.

Comfortable Seating for Cozy Dinners

Dining rooms often double as family hubs, turning meals into hours of delightful togetherness around the dining table. Hence, it becomes crucial to invest in a chair comfortable enough to accommodate long hours of seating. Evaluating a chair's comfort is subjective, but possible factors to take into consideration when selecting chairs include:

Seat height: Ensure that the chair's height is commensurate with your table's. Ideally, your legs should comfortably rest on the chair seat, achieving a right angle between them when you sit on the chair and your feet touch the floor.

Gap from chair seat to table top: Your arms should comfortably rest on the table to avoid cramping your shoulders and potentially causing neck pains. Letting your shoulders relax should place your arms on the tabletop.

Backrest: What is your preference - a high or low back? A backrest that curves and wraps completely around your back, or a narrower one that provides more freedom of movement? Answers to these questions are largely a matter of personal taste, but can be determined only by personally trying out the chair.

Armrests: Give some thought to whether armrests are something you require. It's beneficial to remember that chairs with armrests might take up additional space as they may not fit entirely under the table.

Upholstered seat: Generally, upholstered seats are a significant addition, elevating the comfort quotient, besides being visually appealing. It's not necessary for them to be permanently attached to the chair, though. You can opt for a chair without an attached cushion and purchase chair cushions separately, which are affordable and simple to switch out whenever you wish to revamp the appearance and palette of your room.

For more advice on choosing dining chairs, read more.

Exploit the Versatility of the Dining Chair

The usefulness of a dining chair is not limited to surrounding a dining table. As an example, you could repurpose a dining chair to establish a cozy corner and extra seating in your living room. Alternatively, use one in your hallway, providing a convenient spot to put on and take off shoes. A dining chair can also be utilized as a desk chair if you prefer a more subtle aesthetic than the typical office chair. It's an excellent addition to a child's or teenager's room, as they often have to pack numerous functionalities within a restricted space. A dining chair is just as useful in a wardrobe, occupying lesser space than several other seating solutions, or in the bathroom, especially before the vanity.

Indeed, there are limitless opportunities with a minimalist and chic piece of furniture like the dining chair.